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Ivory - F.M. Sherrill

I was initially turned off by the opening chapter of Ivory.  The book starts fairly violently, which I was not prepared for.

But after the conflict, the healing begins.  Ivory is kidnapped by the Lecs and learns that everything she has grIvory book reviewown up believing has been a lie.  How the truth is revealed to her and how she deals with that knowledge make up the remainder of the book.

I consider myself a fairly empathetic person, which made this book an incredibly difficult read.  Time and time again I felt hope along with Ivory, then had my hopes dashed.  I felt the anger and betrayal she could not seem to put aside even when she knew they were misplaced.  I felt as if my heart had been ripped out of my chest, kicked around the room a few times and put back dirty.

My greatest hope for this book was in a happy ending, but instead I got a cliffhanger.  To say I feel hung out to dry right now would be putting it mildly.  I smell a sequel, or at least, I am begging for one.