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Choices (Guardian Trilogy, #2)

Choices (Guardian Trilogy, #2) - Liz Schulte I had already read Secrets, Book 1 of Liz Schulte's Guardian Trilogy, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was very excited for the sequel. Choices definitely did not disappoint. The part I enjoyed the most was learning what it takes to be a guardian, right along with Olivia, and to watch her clumsy attempts at manipulating light and her heartfelt insights into the lives of those she is charged to help.

Not everyone in Olivia's life is as admirable as she sees them. Look for at least one shocking reveal of someone from her past.

But the underlying thread of the whole book is the unresolved relationship between Olivia and Holden. Holden's promotion has entrenched him firmly on the dark side, while Olivia's choice has planted her firmly on the side of light. Now that she has made her decision, will they ever find each other? Will they even be allowed the relationship they both desired and do they both still want it? All the uncertainty makes for an awesome story line. I'd like to tell you it's completely resolved by the end of the book. All I can tell you is you will get some answers, but for the rest, you'll have to wait for Book 3, Consequences, coming in the fall of 2012