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Consequences - Liz Schulte I am a big fan of Liz Schulte's, having already read Secrets (The Guardian Trilogy) and Choices (The Guardian Trilogy) (you can read my review of Choices here). Consequences (The Guardian Trilogy) like its sisters, did not disappoint.

I especially enjoyed watching Olivia gain self-confidence with her new powers and learn to trust her own decisions. I also enjoyed Olivia and Holden's love/hate relationship. Don't worry, there is resolution in this, the final book of the trilogy, but it may surprise you.

Yet again, look for deception around the turn. One of the saddest parts of the book is Olivia's realization that there are few she can trust. No one is quite as they seem, good or bad. In fact, good and bad are not as clearly defined as Olivia (or the reader) may think.

Consequences is a very satisfying end to a passionate, unsettling series.