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Running Through A Dark Place: Children of the Knight II (The Knight Cycle) (Volume 2) - Michael J Bowler

Having read and enjoyed the first book in the series, Children of the KnightI was very interested in the sequel, Running Through a Dark Place.  It picks up literally five minutes after Book 1 ends, with the aftermath of a death of one of King Arthur's "knights."

I was a little turned off by the first two chapters.  I don't want to give away too much, but some events take place which serve to make Lance, Arthur's first knight, a bit of a celebrity.  I thought that the development of these first two chapters felt a little contrived.

After that, though, the story picked up in intensity and emotion and I felt pulled in, just as I had with its predecessor.  Again, I must warn that there are some seriously dark themes running throughout the story. Since these are mostly street kids, they have been abused, molested and otherwise taken advantage of.  The story does not go into a lot of detail, but young teenagers might be disturbed.

My favorite part of Running Through a Dark Place was Lance attempting  to come to terms with his new found fame as well as with his sexuality (although what that might be has yet to be determined, as with many of his age).

Running Through a Dark Place is a strong story that will appeal to young people who enjoy a story with adventure and danger.  Parents will appreciate the message of self-respect and responsibility.