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Ember - Liz Schulte

Ember (The Jinn Trilogy) starts shortly after the end of Consequences (The Guardian Trilogy).  Holden and Olivia have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, when suddenly, Olivia starts hearing voices.  Baker, Femi and Quintus all come to help and the usual demonic mayhem ensues.

My favorite part of the book was finding out some of Baker's back story.  It was very interesting to learn what type of "otherworldly" creature Baker is.  The chapters alternate between Baker's, Holden's and Olivia's perspectives and it was nice to get Baker's opinion on events.  I would love to see a few books about him.

Will Holden and Olivia release the jinni?  Are either of them strong enough to hold their own against Lucifer or the Angel of Death?  Does Heaven trust the fallen lovers enough to let them live?  Will Femi lose any more of her nine lives?  Only time will tell.

There is strong violence and some sexual content, but it is not graphic.