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The Weight of a Feather and other stories - Judy Croome

The fun thing about The Weight of a Feather: and Other Stories is that it has a range of literature.  There are one stanza poems as well as one or two page stories and some longer ones.  There are stories with a happy ending, those with a sad or angry ending, and stories with a Twilight Zone-like twist.


The whole book has an exotic feel, talking about places I have never been (in South Africa) and using phrases I had never heard (in Afrikaans).  In some places, the situation was so far removed from my life that it was difficult for me to identify with the character, but in other stories, even though the character and I were separated by thousands of miles, I could completely understand how he or she was feeling.


This is not a book to read in one sitting.  It is best to savor one or two stories at a time or read a few poems when you need a short refresher.  Otherwise the diversity of tales can be a bit overwhelming.