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A Really Well-Written Storyline

Fighting to Forgive - J.B. Salsbury

I am not a fan of fighting.  Don't like boxing, wrestling, and especially not MMA (mixed martial arts).  Fighting to Forgive would not normally be my cup of tea.  There is too fighting, bad language and sexual situations.  It's not exactly Jane Austen.

But backing up the cursing and bashing and mashing is a really well-written storyline.  The contrast between Blake and Layla and their different ways of handling their abusive pasts is both heartbreaking and maddening.  Layla's "tiny tough girl" image is funny and infuriating.  I love how she puts Blake in his place, but I also felt bad that she couldn't let herself relax and trust him, even when she wanted to.

The couple begins to fall in love as they reveal their deepest secrets to each other.  When Layla's estranged husband finds her, their worlds fall apart again.  I won't tell you how it ends, but you will want to stick with the story all the way to its finish.