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Children of the Knight - Michael J.  Bowler

"Once upon a time in the City of Angels, chaos was king, and carelessness ruled."

So begins Children of the Knight, a heart-tugging new young adult fantasy.  The picture the author paints of life on the streets of Los Angeles is brutal, and, I'm afraid, mostly true. I know of children who have been kicked out of their houses in my own small, Northern California town, so I can only imagine how many kids are living on the streets in a big city.

But King Arthur comes back to help the children take back the streets; to kick out the pimps and dealers; to renovate whole neighborhoods.  Sound a little cheesy and too good to be true?  It probably is, but it is a fantasy novel, after all.

Although this book is labelled as young adult, there are some pretty strong scenes in it.  Child abuse and prostitution are both depicted (although not graphically), as are two death scenes.

The strongest theme in Children of the Knight, for me, was the theme of acceptance.  Arthur, in the book, in many ways is like Jesus Christ - accepting and encouraging anyone who wants to give up their old way of life to "come, follow me."

I found the book to be a little long, but I could not put it down as I waited to see how Arthur's crew would fare in their mission and watched the poignant relationship between Arthur and his "kids of the Round Table."