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I am a wife and mom of two grown children (who can't seem to move out) and two furbabies. I write about my family life, as well as causes that are dear to my heart, with recipes every Wednesday and book reviews every Friday. My favorite genre is historical fiction.

Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home - Anthony Caplan Latitudes is a very intense story of childhood and family relationships, and how, as we get older, those relationships change.

Our family recently went through the trauma of a foreclosure and move, all at the same time my youngest was graduating high school. One thing Art and I kept reminding each other and the children was "we still have each other." That stability of our family staying together really helped us all to make it through that rough time.

In the book, Will struggles throughout his childhood, bouncing back and forth between Venezuela and the U.S. with the need to belong somewhere, to some group. His parents divorce and custody fight only serves to complicate this feeling more. As Will says:

"When the world is broken for a child, the adults who have done the breaking are rarely in a position to do the gluing."

And Will's parents: his mother seeking solace in alcohol and one night stands; his father busy with a new wife and babies, were certainly not the ones to put the family back together.

The poignancy of childhood set in the time period of the 1970's, mixed with the unusual circumstances of an international upbringing make this a story not to be missed.