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I am a wife and mom of two grown children (who can't seem to move out) and two furbabies. I write about my family life, as well as causes that are dear to my heart, with recipes every Wednesday and book reviews every Friday. My favorite genre is historical fiction.

The Lust Garden - Billy Jolie The Lust Garden is Jackie Collins meets Sidney Sheldon meets Harold Robbins. It's steamy and glamorous with the snappy, bitchy dialogue you would expect the beautiful people to use with each other. Gianna's secrets and the serial killer's parallel story left me sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen next. I was a little disappointed by the ending, but not because it was badly written. I don't want to give anything away, let's just say I prefer a certain type of ending and this was not that. But the ending did not fail to surprise me, And I can't wait to see what Billy Jolie writes next. His style is irreverent and fun, but with a dark side. I love it!!