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I am a wife and mom of two grown children (who can't seem to move out) and two furbabies. I write about my family life, as well as causes that are dear to my heart, with recipes every Wednesday and book reviews every Friday. My favorite genre is historical fiction.

The Grimm Chronicles Vol. 1 - Isabella Fontaine,  Ken Brosky,  Chris Smith,  Dagny Holt I love a book with a strong female character and I am a big fan of the original Brothers' Grimm stories - you know the really dark ones where Cinderella's stepsisters actually cut off their toes so they could fit into the glass slippers? I was really looking forward to reading this series.

The Grimm Chronicles series is being released one story every two months, then every three stories is bound into a volume. There will be a total of 12 stories, or four volumes. The book I reviewed is Volume One, including the first three stories.

I really enjoyed the main character, Alice Goodenough (not a big fan of the name - reminded me of the ballet dancer Alexander Godenov). She is strong, witty, and more than a little obsessed with clothes (but so was I at that age). I also enjoyed the villains - especially the dastardly dwarves.

My biggest problem with the stories is the gigantic deus ex machina of Briar, the rabbit, who although not a Grimm character was somehow created from the same magic paper, but unlike the Grimm characters is essentially good. As if that wasn't complicated enough, Briar magically appears whenever Alice is in a particularly difficult situation to save her teenage butt from certain doom.

The action sequences are plenty scary and the Grimm characters more than creepy, but the rabbit to me just throws the story out of whack. I would have preferred to see Alice solve her problems on her own (which she does sometimes) or with the help of her friends and family (which she does sometimes).