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A Hard Act to Follow - Henry Bushkin I am old enough that I can say I was an adult when Johnny Carson retired. I have fond memories of watching The Tonight Show with my husband, and of occasionally catching a glimpse of the show when I was a child. I didn't always get the jokes, but I always laughed along with the crowd. My favorite Carson character was Carnac the Magnificent.

A Hard Act to Follow is the personal story of Johnny Carson's life from 1972-1988 by his lawyer, aide-de-camp and closest friend during that time. The story is made up of not just the knowledge of a close acquaintance, but the insights of the attorney who was at the front of the action.

Interspersed with the stories about Carson's life, including his 2 of his 3 divorces and his ongoing monetary and control disputes with NBC, are stories of Bushkin's own personal life. Although I do believe that Bushkin's own personal troubles are important to explain the flow of the story, I don't believe most readers will be that interested in these parts of the book, as Bushkin is not very well-known.

There is lots of name-dropping throughout the book, which even includes a glossary of famous people in the back, as well as an index of pages on which the glitterati can be found.

I found A Hard Act to Follow to be an easy read with lots of the drama and glamor that you would expect from a Hollywood memoir.