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The Breeders - Matthew J. Beier SPOILER ALERT:
Matthew Beier is a very skilled writer. His use of description and dialogue draws the reader in to the story. However, I was honestly offended for the first 100 pages or so until I understood the extremely heavy satire the author utilized. The Breeders reminded me (in a very depressing way) of George Orwell's 1984.

Although I understood the use of derogatory slang throughout the book, that combined with violent sex scenes made for a very difficult read. I was also disappointed by the ending. Dystopian novels are so overdone IMO and ending the story on such a negative note really served to shake my faith in humanity.

The author contends, in the afterword (and by the way - no one should have to write an afterword to explain why the reader should not be disappointed in their book) that the ending is not really hopeless, if one believes in an afterlife. Well, couldn't we use that argument for any depressing ending? "Oh George, so sorry you had to kill your best friend Lenny so he wouldn't go to jail for the murder of the boss's wife, but it's okay, because there's an afterlife." I mean, I believe in an afterlife too, but it doesn't make the story any less depressing.

I still think this book is a worthwhile read, just be forewarned - you will love parts, hate parts, and probably need a box of tissues and someone to give you a hug when you're done reading.