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I am a wife and mom of two grown children (who can't seem to move out) and two furbabies. I write about my family life, as well as causes that are dear to my heart, with recipes every Wednesday and book reviews every Friday. My favorite genre is historical fiction.

Love on the Back Burner - Barbara Oliverio I was intrigued when I was asked to review Love on the Back Burner because of this line from the author, Barbara Oliverio:

In the book, heroine Alexandria D’Agostino tries new recipes (included in the book) to best match the ethnic backgrounds of potential suitors.

The book is fun and fluffy - much like a Lifetime movie (not the murdering kind). It's romantic and slly and completely clean, which I appreciate very much. I don't mind the occasional modest sex scene, but it's nice to read a book that can leave you weak in the knees from just a few well-timed kisses.

The best part of Love on the Back Burner is the food!! I really enjoyed reading the parts where Alexandria was cooking and I especially enjoyed matching each dish up to a real recipe in the back of the book. The author used the recipes her own mother taught her to share through Alexandria. She also shared recipes she gleaned from other cooks over the years (with permission). This would be a fun weekend read, i.e read a little, cook a little, eat a little.