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I am a wife and mom of two grown children (who can't seem to move out) and two furbabies. I write about my family life, as well as causes that are dear to my heart, with recipes every Wednesday and book reviews every Friday. My favorite genre is historical fiction.

Aberration - Lisa  Regan Aberration is a rainy day novel. A cross country plane trip type of quick and thrilling read. I really enjoyed the pace of this book. The story alternates between Kassidy, the FBI analyst, and "Wyatt", the serial killer.aberration book review

There are twists upon twists upon twists in the plotline and every single one took me completely by surprise. Are Kassidy and the killer connected? Since the killer struggles with periods of lost time, will we ever know the whole story?

There is quite a bit of gore in this story, but other than that, it is a fairly clean novel. It has extremely adult themes, including recollections of child molestation, so I would not recommend it for teenagers or younger, but for the adult audience for which it was intended, I highly recommend this book!!